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Imagination 2
6/25/2006 03:20 am
Linz's blog on Imagination reminded me of a weird night I had last night. I went to dinner in Ackland St, St Kilda, had a great time and lots of belly laughs - the ones that are so violent they make you feel like throwing up! Bring it on! Dinner wound up by about 10.30 and I had a sudden urge to drive to Morningon (bout an hour away), 'cos there was a party on. What the hell, it's Saturday ... READ FULL ENTRY »
A Romantic Rendezvous
6/11/2006 17:09 pm
Even though it's chilly in Melbourne, I still like to start my day at my favourite cafe with a good, strong latte. Nothing like caffeine to get the heart pumping in the morning and, being single, there ain't much other opportunity for heart pumping activities in the morning. I could go for a walk but that's boring. Last Wednesday, as I leisurely flicked through the paper nursing the a coffee, a bit of welcomed winter sun warmed my back. Suddenly, ... READ FULL ENTRY »
Walls: Climb, Scrub or Leverage for Stand Up Sex?
6/4/2006 18:16 pm
Okay, it's a given that us singles probably dip out a bit in the sex stakes. Unless you're into lots of casual sex, it's easy for things to stagnate in the sex department, you end up climbing the walls, and worse still, even forget what it's like. And I'm of the opinion it ain't healthy. Good sex energises, revives and gets us out of the cerebral states most of us seem to get into. It gets the creative juices flowing. ... READ FULL ENTRY »



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What's Hot? Me...well, can't blame a gal for being a bit vain

Longest Relationship they've ranged from 10 frenzied, short but delightful minutes to 5 glorious years

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